Welcome Letter

Dear Candidate

Thank you for your interest in Wokingham Borough Council. I am immensely proud of the Borough and the work that we are doing as a Council to serve its residents and businesses. Wokingham is generally an excellent place to live, work and to invest in but we want to make it a better place for everyone.

The work that we have been doing to reshape the organisation under our powerful "21st century Council" initiative will ensure that we are well-placed to achieve that, as well as to deliver the wider ambitions of the Council and the place. It requires further positive change and demands that we think of ourselves increasingly as being public servants within a c£300m business.

We must become more commercial in our orientation and outlook - to ensure that we remain able to deliver our statutory responsibilities and commitments to some of our more vulnerable residents who need our support.

We're not coming at this from a standing start; Optalis, our company which delivers Adult Care, and our housing development company, Wokingham Housing Ltd, stand testament to this, but we are keen to diversify and develop alternative revenue streams. Our progress to date characterises our approach as a forward-thinking and outward-looking organisation.

So if you are a commercially-driven and socially-minded leader you should seriously consider this Chief Executive role. We have achieved much already but there is still much more to do; across the organisation, with our partners and stakeholders and for our communities.

The role of Director of Locality & Customer Services is critical in providing strategic leadership for embedding our 21st Century Council vision. With major challenges such as mobilising a new highways contract and securing a fit for purpose local plan this role will be important in developing our borough.

I hope the pages which follow continue to pique and strengthen your interest in Wokingham Borough as a unique place to be either the Chief Executive or Director, Locality & Customer Service.

Yours faithfully

Cllr Charlotte Haitham Taylor,
Leader of the Council


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